In Deep

“In Deep” marks a new point in my evolving style as I search for a way to visually interpret varied facets of my life in relation to the daily news.


Intimate experiences of life as a woman in the Middle East, a midwife, a feminist and a foreigner overlay a quest to understand something of myself and my fellow human being.


My starting point has been the traditional seascapes of my surroundings.  These have been overlaid with Symbolic forms and made-up Mythology, to create painted ideas that refer to a much bigger picture.


I am grateful to artist and colleague Jenny Altmann, who wrote of my work, “There is a duality in Wendy’s work.  In the first instance her paintings and prints depict a vulnerability and fragility that is born of her compassion and concern for humanity, particularly the oppressed.  Secondly there is a strident, confronting cry of despair at the brutality of war, which her work depicts as foreign to her feminine essence.”


I hope the viewer will discover some beauty and humor interwoven with deeper, darker ideas.


copyright © 2015 Wendy Murray